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DVD FEST! [Mar. 6th, 2004|11:14 pm]
the homies


Carleton's DVD Fest kicked ass!
Watched about two hours of hilarious, disturbing, and amazing films made by the students!
I was briefly in the party scene in the film made by my floor and ground floor. I was also in the battle scene for the 2nd Myers Schiller film. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN watching everyone's films!

The films that got awards were the clay animation film, silent film, and "snow war" documentary! I also really liked the F.I.S.H. film with all the jugglers! haha! It was great watching Dan catching his hair on fire while he was juggling those torches. There was this one guy in F.I.S.H. film that I thought was really cute. I think his name is Matt. The ironic thing is I think he might be Mexican. I know the homies would think that's hilarious, because...well, I'm always falling for Asian guys. There was this one part when he showed of his tattoos, and one of them was this HUGE cross on his arm. I think the other one was a dream catcher. When I saw him flash his cross tattoo, I immediately thought that was sexy. LOL! Random reaction...I think.